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At MHR we understand how stressful the moving process can be. 


Through years of experience, we understand how vital it is to choose the right solicitor. A bad decision, in terms of who you instruct to act for your purchase, can result in weeks or even months of delays, which can potentially jeopardise your move happening all together. 

We have forged a strong partnership with our chosen providers who are an experienced, trusted and above all, are dedicated local firms of solicitors and conveyancers. We guarantee they will successfully help guide you through the last stages of your move. 

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BB Financial Solutions Ltd

For all eventualities

No one likes to think this way but could you pay your mortgage if you were off work long-term due to a serious illness or injury? Also, how would your family pay the mortgage in this situation, or if the worst were to happen and you died? That’s why they offer life insurance, critical illness and income protection products.

Work with a Qualified Adviser

Whether you live on your own or with a family, they have access to insurance products to protect you and your family's lifestyle. All their financial consultants are suitably qualified to give you advice.

Cover for Specific Circumstances

Get professional help calculating how much money you and your family may need if you were unable to work due to poor health, or if you were to die. This will enable them to look at what level of cover will help meet any shortfall, always recommending products and services that are appropriate for you.

Flexibility of Appointments

With financial advisors across the UK, they can offer a range of flexible appointment times and locations, that work for you including telephone or face-to-face meetings.

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